Create your wishes and spread love.

A Nutella® Holiday label, an animated GIF or a Holiday card. Create your wishes, download and share with your loved ones. #nutellawithlove

How it works

Create your Christmas wishes in only four simple steps. 

Step 1 - Choose your Nutella® Wishes

You can choose between a customised Nutella® label that you can print at home, an animated GIF or a Holiday Card.

Step 2 - Choose your favourite design

Start customizing your wishes choosing the perfect Holiday jar pattern.

Step 3 - Choose the background color

It's time to choose a color for your creation. Red, green and white... what's your favourite?

Step 4 - Choose a message and spread the love.

Add a personal touch with a mesage, download your creation and spread the love.

Select your wish&gift
Create and download your own label, GIF or card crafted by you with love.
STEP 1 Wish&Gift
STEP 2 Background
STEP 3 Colour
A STEP 4 Message
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STEP 2 Choose your Texture
STEP 3 Choose your color background
STEP 4 Choose your message
Download your gift
Or create a new wish&gift
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