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The milk in Nutella®

We constantly monitor our supply chain to ensure quality milk.

In Nutella® we use only milk supplied by selected and reliable business partners who are managed according to a controlled supply chain.
We guarantee the stringent and continuous selection of our suppliers, an upstream traceability all along the supply chain. We implement controls that are more stringent than those required by law and we carry out additional checks to guarantee an even higher quality milk.

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The milk in Nutella®

Let's talk about the milk in Nutella

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From milk to milk powder

1. After each milking, the milk is brought as quickly as possible to a temperature below 4°C in order to maintain its quality. The milk is then shipped by tank truck to the dairy, which, prior to acceptance, performs physicochemical and microbiological analysis.

2. It is then subject to a 'liquid' treatment step, where the cream is separated from the milk, in order to produce skimmed milk.


3. To ensure microbiologically safe milk, it then passes through a pasteurization stage, which is the same treatment used on milk sold in the refrigerated aisles of a supermarket. The milk is heated for 15 seconds at a temperature of 72°C to remove harmful bacteria. Then it is immediately cooled.

4. At this stage the 'dry' treatment phase begins, through concentration and dehydration: hot air facilitates the complete evaporation of the water content via a special technology called Spray-dry.

To produce 1kg of skimmed milk powder, it takes about 10 litres of liquid skimmed milk. Our suppliers complete this whole process within 48 hours from the arrival of the milk at the dairy.


Quality and freshness

To ensure the level required by our quality and safety standards, we carry out specific physicochemical and microbiological analyses as well as check all the supplies we receive. In addition, a dedicated team of tasters regularly tastes the milk, to verify that the colour, freshness and fragrance always meet our quality requirements. The constant monitoring of the organoleptic quality is done at multiple levels ( from the supplier to Ferrero centralR&D and Quality Control teams), using modern procedures of descriptive sensory analysis.

Did you know ?

To produce 1kg of skimmed milk powder, it takes about 10 litres of liquid skimmed milk.