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Macramé Lamp

Create a macramé lamp from a Nutella® jar

1 h 0 min


An empty Nutella® jar with a lid

A 10 meter long rope


food coloring of your choice

transparent glue




Pour a drop of food coloring with a little  transparent liquid glue into the jar 

Mix using the skewer until the desired shade is obtained

Start moving the jar in every direction until the entire jar has been colored (the skewer can be used as well) and let the jar dry

Cut 8 pieces pf rope measuring about 1.2 meter each

Take all 8 pieces of rope and tie their ends

Paste onto the base and tie the ropes in pairs (with approximately a 5 cm gap from the base)

Split the ropes and tie them again in pairs with the rope located on the other side

Repeat this stage until the ties "envelope" the entire height of the jar

Tie the remaining rope at the desired length and insert the grilanda/flashlight/candle into the jar

Macramé Lamp

Macramé Lamp

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Did you know?

The glass jar you are about to recycle is made on average from 30% recycled material. Find out more The average annual calculation according to the statement of Ferrero.

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