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Orbeez Lamp

Create an orbeez lamp from a Nutella® jar

1 h 0 min


  • An empty Nutella® jar with a lid

  • Orbeez beads

  • water

  • small nylon bag

  • utility knife

  • EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) sheet

  • scissors

  • flashlight

  • glue

  • ruler

  • pencil/marking pen


  1. Fill 3/4 of the jar with water and insert the orbeez beads into it (some time is required for them to grow)

  2. Mark the flashlight at the lid's center and cut a hole using the utility knife

  3. Take the lid and mark the circle's diameter then cut it with the scissors

  4. Take a ruler and measure the lid's height and circumference, afterwards, mark the EVA sheet accordingly and cut a strip that will cover the lid

  5. Once the orbeez beads have grown, lay a small nylon bag on the jar (such that it covers the entire opening of the jar) and then close and screw the lid, afterwards, use the scissors to cut the remaining small bag

  6. The jar should be shaken occasionally in order to create fluctuation and movement of the beads

Orbeez Lamp

Orbeez Lamp

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The glass jar you are about to recycle is made on average from 30% recycled material. Find out more The average annual calculation according to the statement of Ferrero.

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