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Pineapple Lamp

Create a pineapple lamp from a Nutella® jar

1 h 0 min


  • An empty Nutella® jar with a lid

  • Disposable spoons

  • cutter

  • scissors

  • two-tone green EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) sheet

  • hot or plastic glue

  • paint or yellow spray

  • grilanda or flashlight


  1. Cut the spoons (without the handles) for the bottom base row and paste them side by side such that the wide part faces downwards

  2. Cut the spoons(for the rest of the jar - except for the last row) while leaving 1 cm of the handles, and paste them such that the lean part faces downwards (each spoon will be placed between the 2 spoons located at the row below it)

  3. For the last row, cut the spoons without the handles (like the first row) and paste such that the lean part faces downwards 

  4. Paint the jar using paint/yellow spray until it is fully dry

  5. Mark the green EVA sheet using the lid, according to its round shape, and cut it

  6. Cut the green EVA sheet according to the lid's circumference, cut it in zigzag form in order to obtain the leaves

  7. Paste the circular EVA sheet and afterwards the green leaves

  8. Insert the flash light/grilanda into the jar

Pineapple Lamp

Pineapple Lamp

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Did you know?

The glass jar you are about to recycle is made on average from 30% recycled material. Find out more The average annual calculation according to the statement of Ferrero.

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