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Unicorn Lamp

Create a unicorn lamp from a Nutella® jar

1 h 0 min


An empty Nutella® jar with a lid

Baby pink felt fabric


office rubber band

2 EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) sheets in two different colors

plastic flowers

black Bristol board

pencil/marking pen



utility knife


Take the felt fabric, mark the jar's height and cut it accordingly

Wrap the jar,  grasp it with an office rubber band and paste the joining strip of the felt fabric

Mark the flashlight at the lid's center and cut a hole using the utility knife

Take the lid and mark the circle's diameter then cut it with the scissors

Draw a horn (a kind of cone), cut it and paste it onto the jar's edge

Take the flowers and paste them onto the jar's edge

Take a pencil and draw eyes. Cut them and paste on the jar

Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn Lamp

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Did you know?

The glass jar you are about to recycle is made on average from 30% recycled material. Find out more The average annual calculation according to the statement of Ferrero.

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