Love is the most precious gift.

There are many ways to craft a gift.
But what really matters is to craft it with love
and share it with all your loved ones with

Give a unique flavor to your wishes.

Customize your Nutella® jar into Christmas wishes with our tool and share it with your loved ones

Wishes with Nutella®

Make wishes with Nutella® and love. Customize you Nutella® jar label and print it at home, share it as a GIF or turn it into a Christmas card.

See how many Nutella® lovers have been inspired!

Nutella® lovers are looking for ideas to craft a gift for their loved ones. Share your creation with #nutellawithlove and be part of Nutella® Christmas love spreading.

Discover the Nutella® jars Christmas edition
Nutella<sup>®</sup> Christmas<br>680gr
Nutella® Christmas
Nutella<sup>®</sup> Christmas<br>680gr