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The recyclable Nutella® jar

The iconic Nutella® jar that preserves the delicious taste of Nutella® is recyclable. Get ready to discover it.

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The packaging of our signature recipe

The Nutella® approach to sustainability is reflected not only in the sourcing of our ingredients but also on the development of our packaging. Nutella® jars are recyclable and Nutella® also designs formats that can have a secondary use in the family kitchen once empty such as a drinking glass, a measuring cup, storage, etc.

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The paper

Nutella® labels and paper disks come from sustainable certified supply-chains.

Discover the materials used to make the Nutella® jar

The Nutella® jar is made of diverse materials. Let's take a look at each of them so it will be easier for you to recycle them properly, according to your local recycling regulations. On some Nutella® labels you may notice icons representing each of the materials used. If your jar doesn’t display these icons, don’t worry, not all packaging has enough space to display them!

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The Nutella® jar is made with PET, a lightweight type of plastic. It is widely used to preserve the safety and quality of food and beverage products.

You can also reuse it!
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Explanation of abbreviations*: PET 1 means Polyethylene terephthalate

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The Nutella® lid

The Nutella® jar’s lid is made with plastic specially designed to be used for food. It is recyclable and safe, with several characteristics that keep Nutella® in the best condition after opening.

Give it a second life by up-cycling!
Single Plastics Lid | Nutella

Explanation of abbreviations*: PP5 means Polypropylene

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The Nutella® disk

The disk inside the Nutella® jar lid is made from paper. When you open the jar for the first time, you can hear the characteristic 'clack' sound that ensures that the jar has never been opened before.

Minimum waste for the bin.
Our Paper Disk | Nutella

Explanation of abbreviations*: PAP 21 means paper

Recycle Hint 3 Sealing Film | Nutella


The Nutella® protective sealing film

The Nutella® jar’s protective sealing film preserves Nutella®'s taste, and is made from a material composed of paper and aluminium.

It preserves the taste of Nutella®.
Our Protective Sealing Film | Nutella

Explanation of abbreviations*: C/PAP 82 means composites (paper and cardboard/aluminium)

Nutella® continuously works to reduce its impact on the environment.

Nutella® cares not only for today's families but also for those that are yet to come. As part of Ferrero group, Nutella® is committed to evolve towards more sustainable solutions for all our packaging. We remain committed to designing 100% of our packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable. We are also committed to reducing the use of virgin plastic, and to boosting the uptake of recycled content in our plastic packaging.

Discover more on Ferrero's commitments for packaging and approach to protect the environment here.

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Give your Nutella® jar a new life.

Let's see some up-cycling ideas!

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