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Ballerina Lamp

Create a ballerina lamp from a Nutella® jar

1 h 0 min


An empty Nutella® jar with a lid



black pen + pink marker pen


office rubber bands

washi tape (optional)

grilanda or flashlight


Draw a ballerina up to the waist and leave and extra 4 cm 

Fold the rest of the page and paste it onto the center of the lid

Cut a double amount of tulle, twice the length of the jar (one for the jar and one for ballerina's waist)

Thread the tulle with a rubber band and place it around the jar, afterwards, put another rubber band to grasp the tulle and prevent it from rising

Thread the tulle with a rubber band and dress the ballerina. Afterwards put on another rubber band

Insert the flashlight/grilanda into the jar

Ballerina Lamp

Ballerina Lamp

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Did you know?

The glass jar you are about to recycle is made on average from 30% recycled material. Find out more The average annual calculation according to the statement of Ferrero.

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