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How to make a wonderful jar of flowers with Nutella®

If you love flowers you will love this fantastic project. Your empty jars of Nutella® are perfect for turning into creative flowerpots. Customise the jars as you like and create an original flowerpot that's perfect to use at home or to give as a gift.

Wazon Nutella®


  • 1 empty Nutella® jar

  • White spray paint (or another colour of your choice)

  • Adhesive letters

  • Felt (27 cm long, 2 cm wide)

  • Hot glue gun


  1. Wazon Nutella® - krok 1
    STEP 1

    Stick the letters onto the jar and press down firmly, so that no colour will run around the edges later.

    Tip: To make sure the lettering appears the right way on the jar, you can first stick it back to front with the upper side first onto an adhesive strip, and then press the whole word onto the jar. Then carefully remove the adhesive strip.

  2. Wazon Nutella® - krok 2
    STEP 2

    Spray the jar with your chosen paint colour. Make sure not to spray too hard in one area, to prevent the colour from running.

    Tip: Read carefully the spraying instructions on the canister . Don’t forget to cover your work area. It’s better to apply two thin coats so the colour will dry without running.

  3. Wazon Nutella® - krok 3
    STEP 3

    When the paint is completely dry, carefully remove each letter. If they stick around the edges, you can carefully use a small craft knife to release them.

  4. Wazon Nutella® - krok 4
    STEP 4

    Now use the hot glue to stick the felt strips to the top of the jar and decorate as you like. Ribbon, tape and felt cord are all great for this. All done!

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