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A jar full of love

Amaze your loved one with a special gift: create a Nutella® jar personalised with your photo and filled with love notes. The perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a special occasion or simply to surprise your loved ones.

Słoik Nutella® pełen miłości


  • 1 empty Nutella® jar with lid

  • Red spray paint

  • Glue stick

  • Marker pen

  • Thin ribbon

  • Red and white card

  • Heart template

  • A favourite photo

  • Red heart sticker or red adhesive foil, so you can paint on and cut out heart shapes


  1. Słoik Nutella® pełen miłości - krok 1
    STEP 1

    Remove the card from the lid and spray it with red spray paint.

    Tip: Don’t forget to cover your workspace before you spray. Apply two thin coats, so the colour doesn't run.

  2. Słoik Nutella® pełen miłości - krok 2
    STEP 2

    Decorate the jar with the heart stickers.
    Use the round card from the lid as a template to cut out your chosen picture. Then stick your picture onto the card.

  3. Słoik Nutella® pełen miłości - krok 3
    STEP 3

    Glue the round card with your picture onto the outer side of the lid.
    Cut as many heart shapes as you want for your jar from the red and white card.
    You’ll find a heart template for the candle jar in our download area.

  4. Słoik Nutella® pełen miłości - krok 4
    STEP 4

    Write little notes or messages on the heart shapes, fold them and place them into the jar.

  5. Słoik Nutella® pełen miłości - krok 5
    STEP 5

    Cut out a large heart as a greeting card, which you can send together with your jar. All done!

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Słoik kremu Nutella® jest wykonany z materiałów nadających się do recyklingu.

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