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Theme party glasses with empty Nutella® jars

Planning a themed party? Surprise your guests with personalised glasses created with empty Nutella® jars. All you need is a touch of fantasy, your friends, a pair of scissors and, of course, Nutella®.

Imprezowe szklanki


Empty Nutella® jars with lids

Hot glue gun

11 mm eyelets and eyelet tool (set)


Cutter / scissors

Coloured felt

Plain or 3D stickers

Tip: You can buy ready-made stickers, or you can use one of our designs.


Imprezowe szklanki - krok 1

Remove the card from the lid and punch using the punch tool from your eyelet set as instructed, making a hole in the lid (to do this, see the instructions included with the eyelet set, usually on the back of the pack).

Tip: Make sure that the eyelets are big enough for your drinking straws. Eyelets are available in different sizes. Keep out of the reach of children, as they contain small parts.

Imprezowe szklanki - krok 2

Cut strips of 3 cm wide and 26.5 cm long from the coloured felt. Then print and cut out your stickers, and stick them onto the card from the lid of your Nutella® jar, to give the stickers more support.
You can find templates and designs in our download area.

Imprezowe szklanki - krok 3

Now use a hot glue gun to glue the felt strips around the middle of the jar. Attach your design to the front of the jar in the same way.

Tip: You can also attach small 3D motifs or letters on your felt strips, so each guest will recognise their own jar. Give free rein to your imagination!

Imprezowe szklanki - krok 4

Screw the lids onto the jars. All done! Now you’re ready for your guests!

Tip: If you want to reuse your jars for your next party, carefully separate the paper templates. Wash the jars by hand. The felt can safely be placed in water. Dab the felt gently so it will dry quicker. You can print out the templates again at any time and attach them to dry felt.

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