always ready to enjoy
Nutella B-ready is the practical way to enjoy Nutella anytime anywhere.
It’s smooth
Unique flavour of NUTELLA®
Inside you will find the smoothness and the unique flavour of your favourite spread. For a day full of enthusiasm.
It’s creamy
It’s crunchy
Crunchy on the outside and on the inside!
The crunchy texture and slightly savoury taste of the outer waffle enhance the unique flavour of the NUTELLA® filling, giving you a brand new sensory experince.
and it’s delicious!
It's practical
Practical and in a single portion
Each Nutella B-ready is individualy wrapped so you can have it anytime and anywhere you want. It is quick & easy to consume and practical to carry with you.
and you can enjoy it anywhere!
It’s convenient
Different formats to suit your needs
Nutella B-ready comes in packs of 2, 6, 10 or 15 individually wrapped pieces. Ideal for all the family.