Holiday without your Jar | Nutella

Travel with Nutella®

What would a holiday be without Nutella®?

Discover the exclusive editions specially designed for Nutella® lovers travelling the world.

Travel Packages Set | Nutella

Do you love travelling? Nutella® does too!

Even when you’re far from home you can still find Nutella® featured in special edition versions. A super idea for a gift or to treat yourself. Travel the globe and find them available only in top Duty Free stores around the world.

Weekly Pack mini Jars | Nutella

Nutella® Weekly pack

A perfect way to start your holiday mornings on a great note: 7 mini jars for your breakfasts.

Big Jar Package | Nutella

Nutella® Big Jar

A perfect gift to bring home from your journey to enjoy and share with your loved ones: 21 mini jars of 30g each, packed in an oversized iconic Nutella® jar.

Tin Box Package Jar | Nutella

Nutella® Tin Box

The perfect souvenir! A tin box shaped like the iconic Nutella® jar with a breakfast kit inside that includes a 180g jar, spreader and placemat.

Jumper Jar Package | Nutella

Nutella® Jumper

Can you imagine a Nutella® jar dressed up in a cool outfit? A great gift for any Nutella® lover: the iconic jar dressed up in a jumper!

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