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The Nutella®

The sugar we use in Nutella® is mainly sucrose, derived from beet sugar and/or refined cane sugar.

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Our sugar comes from beet and cane

Globally and on average we purchase 80% beet sugar and 20% refined cane sugar. In Europe, we primarily source beets from European producers, whilst our sugar cane comes from outside Europe. Discover where we source our sugar here.

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The quality of our sugar grains

We purchase sugar in crystals and in addition to constant monitoring at our suppliers' sites, we periodically conduct detailed analyses on the raw material when it enters our factories. We thoroughly evaluate its physical and chemical properties, because we believe that quality should be observed up close.

Growing relationships
based on trust

We maintain and nurture relationships based on trust with our suppliers, some of them going back over 40 years. It’s also thanks to the strength of these relationships that we can guarantee that the sugar used in Nutella® always meets Ferrero’s high quality standards.

Discover Sustainability | Nutella
Sustainability | Nutella

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sugar supply-chain

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