Making people smile has the power to make their day.

That’s why for the past 60 years Nutella® has been spreading positivity and making people start the day with a smile. And it will keep doing so for many years to come!

Make someone smile with Nutella®

Give a smile back to whom brightens up your day!
Discover all the characters and customize your Nutella® jar portraying your special ones; choose your favorite message and send a smile!

Make someone smile with Nutella®
Nutella®: Story of passion and innovation​

Nutella® was born in Italy in 1964 and it celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2024.​

Along 60 years it has been able to spread positivity and togetherness all over the world counting nowadays more than 170 countries.​

From inspiring humble origins to global brand that keeps finding new ways to offer innovative taste experiences.​ Nutella's passion, creativity and innovation will keep the world smiling for year to come!​