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Nutella®'s timeless spirit and values

For generations, Nutella® has always been driven by a spirit of passion, quality and care for its ingredients. Today, this same spirit is embodied through a refreshed label featured on our iconic Nutella® jars.

Our look is continuing to evolve, but our jar holds exactly the same mission since Nutella® was first born: to preserve the unmistakable taste of our signature recipe so you can enjoy delightful moments with your loved ones.

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Sharing more of our story with you

Starting today, we'll take on a different, hopefully more modern look that honours Nutella®'s timeless spirit and values. We have redesigned our label to share more of our story with you by providing more information, clarity and the same bright outlook for the day.
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Our quality and ingredients
Our commitments to sustainability
Recycling the jar

Jar Glass New Label | Nutella

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The new Nutella® label features information on: 

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