Nutella Cafe
Welcome to the World’s first Ferrero owned and operated Nutella Cafe

What is the Nutella Cafe?
We have created the Nutella Café as the best place to have the ultimate Nutella experience! Enjoy the spirit of Nutella® in this one-of-a-kind happy place. Share in the joy of our stylish surroundings and amazing dishes which, just like Nutella® hazelnut spread itself, are all made from the highest-quality ingredients.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee before work, or sitting down for a more leisurely breakfast or weekend brunch, the Nutella Cafe has something for everyone, be it a Nutella® fanatic or a serious foodie!
And before you leave, take a piece of the café with you to help remember your experience by purchasing special Nutella Cafe merchandise! Come and enjoy our Nutella® delights, any time of day!

What’s better than a Nutella Cafe?
Two Nutella Cafe, of course!
Come and discover both Nutella Cafes! Our exquisite menus and one-of-a-kind dishes that are carefully complemented and enriched by Nutella® hazelnut spread await you for an original Nutella Cafe experience. Where will your love of Nutella® take you?

Let’s find out!
Work with us and join the Nutella® Cafe team! Is it your mission to spread joy and optimism wherever you go? Would you consider yourself the world’s greatest Nutella® fanatic?
Then come work for us and help share the love!