Our Heritage Story Pasticceria | Nutella


Nutella®: A Story of Love and Passion

Do you know the history of our signature recipe and unmistakable taste?

The Pasticceria where Nutella was born | Nutella

Positivity as a main ingredient

After World War II, cocoa was extremely scarce. Ferrero, originally from Piedmont in Italy, turned this tricky problem into a smart solution by creating a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar and just a little of the rare cocoa. The precursor to Nutella® was born!

Our Heritage Giandujot | Nutella


The sweet paste of the first recipe was shaped into a loaf that could be sliced and spread on bread, named after a local carnival character.

SuperCrema Jar Poster | Nutella


The ‘Giandujot’ paste was transformed into a creamy new product that was easier to spread. It was known as SuperCrema.

Nutella is Born | Nutella

Nutella® is born

The recipe was improved, leading to the creation of the first-ever jar of hazelnut and cocoa cream. Nutella® was officially born.

Our Iconic Jar | Nutella

The iconic jar

Nutella® and its new iconic design officially launched in Germany.

Reaching France Jars | Nutella

Oh la la!

Nutella® launched in France and was a great success

Reaching Australia Jar Flag | Nutella

Success has no borders

Nutella® reached Australia and opened its first plant outside Europe in Lithgow, near Sydney.

30 Years in France | Nutella

30 Years of Optimism in France

To celebrate the “Nutella® Generation”, Ferrero launched an event in Paris that displayed iconic works of art created by artists who grew up with Nutella®. The exhibit featured big names in the art world, including Decouflé, Paco Rabanne and Wolinski.

World Record Breakfast Nutella Event | Nutella

The Guinness Book of World Records

On May 29th, 27,854 people in Gelserkirchen, Germany, participated in the “Largest Continental Breakfast Ever” with Nutella®.


World Nutella® Day

On February 5, 2007, Italian-American blogger Sara Russo mobilized all Nutella® lovers to unite in celebration of the beloved and iconic breakfast hazelnut spread. Since then, World Nutella® Day has been celebrated every year since then.

10 Million Friends Reached On Facebook  | Nutella

A Passion to be Shared

The global Facebook page dedicated to Nutella® reached 10 million fans in one year.

Nutella Breadsticks

Snackers rejoice!

 Nutella & GO! with Breadsticks launched in the USA


Half a Century of Great Memories

To celebrate Nutella®’s 50th birthday, nutellastories.com was created, where Nutella® lovers shared 76,400 stories, memories and moments. This birthday was then celebrated in 10 countries with a global event. It was such a special anniversary that Italy even issued a commemorative stamp!

30 Million Friends Reached on Facebook | Nutella
Nutella reached 30 million fans on Facebook

At the start of the day, Nutella® wishes ‘Good Morning’ to millions of people at the breakfast table, as well as to its 30 million fans on Facebook!

First Cafe Opening Shop | Nutella

The Nutella® Café

Timeless Nutella®

Nutella®’s entrepreneurial spirit of passion, quality and care for ingredients has carried it through the last century – no doubt this will be the case for many years to come!

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