Nutella time in: TURKEY

In Turkey, a hearty breakfast is an indispensable start to the day and almost everyone prepares it at home! Turks really love breakfast and, no matter whether it's the weekend or a weekday, they always take at least 20 minutes to enjoy it. It takes quite a while to prepare because of the extensive variety of ingredients… there are usually about seven items on the table: cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs and delicious freshly-baked breads just perfect for spreading with Nutella®, all these are enjoyed with a glass or two of the famous Turkish tea.

During weekdays, if time is, short breakfast at home consists of a "Simit" (Turkish bagel). In Turkey breakfast simply means joy to most of people. A famous Turkish poet (Cemal Süreya) even wrote in one of his poems that breakfast is related to happiness.