Breakfast in Istanbul

Istanbul is a global metropolis where two continents meet and has 18 millions habitant. For most Istanbuller, the notion of breakfast is not only "local" and "seasonal" culinary trend but also a way of living. If working people cannot spare enough time to breakfast on the weekdays they'd certainly spend more time on weekends. Breakfast becomes so rich with plenty of options. In Istanbul, the breakfast table including items from all regions. It is natural to have Balkan cheese is next to the feta cheese. Addition to assorted cheeses, there are salami, sausage, eggs, olives (both black and green), butter and NUTELLA® adorn the center of the table... there are also cooked specialties like omelets or boiled eggs, toast on occasion. It is certain that well-brewed cup of tea is the most indispensable part of the breakfast.