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The first Nutella Cafe opened in Chicago on May 2017, and it was a historic moment. The true essence of Nutella® has finally taken shape in a uniquely delectable way, ready to spread happiness and joy.

For that authentic Nutella® experience, we created an exclusive menu that has been carefully crafted in every detail. Our menu includes such delicacies as: Grilled Baguette with Nutella®; Flaky Nutella®-filled Croissants baked daily; Pound Cake “Panzanella” with Yogurt, Nutella® and Berries; Overnight Oats with Almond Milk, Nutella® & Berries; Gelato made with Nutella®, many other inspiring products and amazing hot beverages provided in partnership with Lavazza®.

In 2018, we opened our second Nutella Cafe in New York City, a multicultural epicenter known for its culinary diversity. This new cafe is the ideal spot to serve the best dishes from Chicago, as well as exciting new specialties like Buckwheat Crepes with Strawberry Nutella®Quinoa Pudding Filling and delectable Frozen Nutella® pop.

As a great new addition, Nutella Café features a “Build Your Own” menu to make sure everyone can create their own Nutella masterpiece starting from a base such as a Crepe, Waffle, Pancake or French toast with Nutella® and adding fruit or other delicious toppings.

At Nutella Cafe you can also find a unique selection of Nutella merchandise for your personal collection as Nutella® fan or for your gifts.

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