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Good vibes Nutella® jar


With the right people, every day is a reason to celebrate! Surprise your loved ones with a jar full of good vibes, and gift them compliments and future experiences from their bucket list.

Good vibes Nutella® jar

To make it, you will need:

  • 1 empty Nutella® jar with lid

  • Acrylic pen

  • Stickers

  • White paper

  • Small chain of fairy lights


  1. Print out our template of the "Good Vibes Jar" lettering or create your own. Glue it to the inside of your jar. Carefully trace the lettering onto the outside with an acrylic pen.

  2. Think about what would make your favourite person happy? Whether it's a compliment or an idea for a day trip together, write it on a small piece of paper, roll it up and seal it with a heart sticker, for example. Why not use different coloured stickers for compliments and experiences? 

  3. Fill the jar with your messages and add the fairy lights. Finally, close the jar with the lid.

    Your Nutella® jar of good vibes is ready to meet its lucky recipient!

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Tarro de vidreo reciclado de Nutella
Did you know?

The glass jar you're about to upcycle is already made on average with 30%* recycled material.

*yearly average calculated according to Ferrero's supplier declarations.

Materiales reciclados de Nutella
Did you know?

The Nutella® jar is made of diverse recyclable materials.

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