The hazelnuts in Nutella | Let's talk about quality

The hazelnuts in Nutella®

Our hazelnuts have always been the signature ingredient of Nutella®.

It was during the postwar period that Nutella's creator had the brilliant idea to combine the delicious hazelnuts, typical of the Italian region of Langhe, with cocoa, an ingredient that was hard to obtain at that time.

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The hazelnuts in Nutella®

Let's talk about the hazelnuts in Nutella®

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Where our hazelnuts come from

The hazelnuts used in Nutella® grow mainly on the Mediterranean coast, primarily in the Black Sea region of Turkey, but also in Italy, especially in Piedmont, Lazio and Campania regions. The harvest in Turkey and Italy usually takes place between the beginning of August and the end of September.
We buy only whole fresh hazelnuts from the last available crop.


We have a deep knowledge of the culture of hazelnuts

Since the early 1990s, Nutella® has been committed to the entire hazelnut supply chain.
Firstly,  the farming and to the nursery production of hazelnuts, starting up cultivation in potential new regions of the world, such as Chile, Argentina, Georgia,  South Africa, Australia and Serbia. The aim is to ensure the quality and freshness of our hazelnuts throughout the year, thanks to an additional harvest in the southern hemisphere from February to March.


Our know- how continues to grow

In recent years, we have begun to invest also in the processing and transformation of hazelnuts, through the acquisition of leading Italian and Turkish companies at the forefront in this field. Thanks to this acquired experience we invested also in Chile, building from scratch a plant for processing and transformation of the hazelnuts. This has allowed us to acquire new know-how, further improving our selection and processing capacity of this delicious fruit. In fact it's in these specialized facilities that we conduct those crucial steps to guarantee a better roasting and the excellent taste: the sorting by caliber and the selection.

Did you know?

Hazelnuts of the same size guarantee a better uniform roasting.This is one of the secrets of the unique flavour of Nutella®.


Check and re-check: one of the secrets of our hazelnuts quality.

The whole hazelnuts arrive raw, shelled and calibrated into our factories. When they arrive at our plants, we perform further checks before roasting, to verify that all the hazelnuts meet our stringent quality and safety standards. Every day, our experts check that the taste, aroma and texture are always the best possible at all stages of the process, to guarantee excellent product quality for our consumers.


Roasting, our distinctive know-how

We process our hazelnuts ourselves, directly in our factories. This allows us to roast and finely grind the hazelnuts at the very last moment, to preserve their maximum aroma and freshness. In each plant we have a "master roaster", who defines the parameters of the roaster depending on the origin of the hazelnuts, their moisture and size, in order to take out as much of the fragrance as possible. We roast the hazelnuts in batches of the same calibre to ensure better sensory uniformity and we adopt lower temperatures and slower timings. Even if it involves an increased investment in machinery, these techniques give us the best roasting for our recipe.


At the end of this process, the hazelnuts are transformed into a silky paste: the heart of the Nutella® recipe. The paste is then blended with the other ingredients within a few hours, to ensure the hazelnut aroma is captured at its best inside Nutella®.

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