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The cocoa used in Nutella® originates mainly from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Ferrero processes the raw cocoa beans to produce cocoa powder directly in its factories.

All the cocoa we buy for Nutella® comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms so that we can help improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families and conserve natural resources and biodiversity. Moreover all of our cocoa farmers are GPS mapped, allowing the full traceability of our supply-chain at the farm group level, meaning that we can monitor illegal deforestation and ensure we are not buying any cocoa beans from protected areas. Ferrero is also a founding member of the Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI), a collaboration between industry and the governments of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire to end deforestation and restore forest areas.

In line with its Business Conduct Code, Ferrero confirms its firm intention of contributing to the eradication of child labour, particularly of its most detrimental forms, as well as of all types of slavery, forced and penal labour. Ferrero's Business Conduct Code is based on the ILO Convention 138 concerning the minimum age for admission to employment, as well as on the ILO Convention 182 regarding the worst forms of child labour. Ferrero ensures that its suppliers comply with the principles of the above-mentioned Code.


Nutella®'s hazelnuts originate mostly from Turkey, Italy, Chile and the USA. The harvest takes place between the beginning of August and the end of September. To ensure the availability of quality and fresh hazelnuts, cultivation is also taking place in countries from the Southern Hemisphere, representing an additional harvest from February to March.

The Nutella® recipe contains 13% of hazelnuts, it means that, as an example, a Nutella® jar of 750g contains approximately 97 hazelnuts.


Yes, Nutella® contains skimmed milk powder, the quality of which mostly depends on the quality of the fresh milk it originates from. The milk in Nutella® is supplied only by selected and reliable milk producers obtained from quality long-term relationships.

As with other chocolate and confectionery products, the usage of milk powder in Nutella® is based on technological purposes. Since our recipe is anhydrous, it requires the use of milk powder that will contribute to give it its creamy texture.

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