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Flatbread with Nutella®

35 min
Flatbread with Nutella®

INGREDIENTS for 2 Flatbreads (1 Flatbread per person)

  • 60g all-­purpose flour

  • 2g sea salt

  • 5g baking powder

  • 12g butter, melted

  • 45ml milk

  • 30g Nutella®

nutella – an ingredient to prepare this delicious recipe

To prepare this delicious recipe, 15g of Nutella® per person is enough to enjoy!


  1. Sift flour, salt and baking powder into a bowl. Drizzle melted butter and milk. Use a spatula to bring the ingredients together into a dough.

  2. Transfer the dough to a flat surface and use your hands to knead the dough for about 5 minutes until it is soft yet firm. Let it rest for 20 minutes.

  3. Divide dough into two equal balls. Use a roller to flatten the dough into a circle or egg shape.

  4. Heat flat pan and add the rolled-­out dough. Watch as some small bubbles show on top. Once the bottom starts coloring into golden brown (about 90 seconds) flip it to the other side for another minute.

  5. Take it off the heat and cover with a kitchen towel to keep it soft.

  6. Proceed with the next flat bread.

  7. Spread a teaspoon of Nutella® on half of the bread then fold it over the other half to create a sandwich.

Sustainable palm oil in Nutella
Good to know

Our palm oil is 100% RSPO certified sustainable and traceable and we are committed to no deforestation. 

Sustainable cocoa in Nutella
Good to know

All the cocoa we buy comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. 

Upcycling Nutella jar
Good to know

Uhm, while preparing this recipe did you finish your Nutella® jar? You can upcycle it! 

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