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70 min
Yule Log with Nutella

Yule Log with Nutella®

Yule Log with Nutella®

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Multilayered, perfectly rounded and Nutella flavored. Your Christmas cake is going to become something special: a traditional roll shaped into a Christmas log. Did you know that the log is a symbol of good luck for some cultures? So, just slice it and share with your family and friends.

5 eggs
200g almond flour
200g powdered sugar
8 egg whites
70g granulated sugar
130g pastry flour
70g soft butter
225g Nutella® (for the filling inside and outside)


Step 1

Sift the flour and melt the butter.

In a large bowl, beat the 5 eggs, the almond flour and the granulated sugar.

Step 2

In another bowl, whip the 8 egg whites with the powdered sugar, adding it little by little.

Add the pastry flour and the whipped egg whites to the 1st batter, little at a time and alternatively.

At the end, add the melted butter that has been mixed with a little of the dough.

Step 3

Divide the mixture and spread it onto 2 baking trays lined with parchment paper. Bake at 240°C (464°F) for about 6-8 minutes.

Remove each layer from its hot baking tray being careful not to break it.

Cover with plastic film and keep it in the fridge.

Step 4

Take each layer of cake and put it on a parchment paper.

Fill a 3 mm round tip pastry bag with Nutella®, make homogeneous circles of Nutella®, then spread.

Step 5

Roll the cake.

Cover the external side with Nutella® too.

Let it rest and cut off the 2 edges in order to see the various internal rolls.

Decorate the outside of the roll cake as desired.

There you have it!
Yule Log with Nutella