Carnival Roll with NUTELLA®

15 port
11 ingr
30 min
Carnival Roll with NUTELLA
INGREDIENTS<br>  for 15 portions

for 15 portions

325 g Whole egg
200 g Almond flour
200 g Icing sugar
260 g Egg white
70 g Granulated sugar
130 g 00 Plain flour
70 g Butter

For the filling

225 g Nutella® (15 g/portion)

For decoration

Hundreds and thousands
Sugar confetti
Sugar paste


Whip together the whole eggs, almond flour and granulated sugar. Whip the egg white together with the icing sugar, adding it bit by bit. Sift the flour and melt the butter. To the first mixture, add bit by bit the sifted flour and whisked egg white/sugar alternating between them. Finally, add the melted butter, combined with a little dough. Cook at 240°C for approximately 6/8 minutes per sheet of approximately 600/700 g. After cooking, remove the base from the hot baking tray, taking care not to break it. Cover with cling film and put it in the fridge.



Take the base and lay it on a tea towel. Put the Nutella® in a piping bag with an approx. 3 mm round spout, and apply consistent circles of Nutella® onto the sponge, then roll it up.



Cover the outside with Nutella® using a piping bag. Let it rest in the fridge, then cut off both ends in order to see the swirls of cream within the log. Decorate the outside however you wish with your choice of: hundreds and thousands, sugar confetti or sugar paste icing to create imaginative patterns.

Unroll the excitement at Carnival!

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Have a great Shrove Tuesday with this Carnival Roll with Nutella®. It tastes even better when you're wearing a Carnival mask.