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Christmas decoration

Christmas wishes Box

Want to spread the spirit of Christmas with your loved ones? It takes only an empty Nutella® jar and… all your Christmas wishes!



1 empty Nutella® Jar (750g) with the lid

Small red and white papers


Golden stars stickers

Letters stickers

White ribbon with red dashes width 2 cm, length 29 cm

Glittery squared white paper 9x9 cm

Metallic ruler

Glittery self-adhesive letters



Glue gun


Cut a circle in the glittery white paper, to the size of the lid, radius 3.7cm.

Stick it on the lid

Make a crack in the middle of the lid

Christmas wishes Box 1 | Nutella

Around the lid, glue the white ribbon and cut the length


Stick lots of stars all over the jar

On the cover, write "XMAS BOX" with the self-adhesive letters

Close the jar

Write or draw your dreams and wishes in small pappers

Slip it into the slot!

The gift is ready!

And it's ready!
Recyclable materials Nutella
Did you know?

The Nutella® jar is made of recyclable materials.

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