Waffle tree with Nutella®

2 port
7 ingr
10 min
Waffle tree with Nutella


Waffle batter (made according to instructions on box)
Green food colouring
Star fruit
2 tbsp. Nutella® hazelnut spread

Step 1

Prepare waffle batter as per instructions on box. Add green food colouring.

Step 2

Prepare waffles as directed on box and add green food colouring as per required colour.

Step 3

Cut two waffles from corner to corner to create 4 triangles.

Step 4

Spread each waffle triangle with ½ tbsp. Nutella®.

Step 5

Arrange your waffle triangles in a tree formation, use fruits to decorate, add a banana trunk, and a star fruit tree topper.

Step 6

Gather your family around the "tree" and enjoy.