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Nutella® jar seascape


For beautiful holiday moments at home.


To make it, you will need:

  • An empty Nutella® jar

  • Blue food colouring

  • Water

  • Stones

  • A walnut shell

  • A cocktail stick

  • A glue gun (adult use only)

  • White paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Wire

  • White acrylic paint

  • Paint brush

  • Wire cutters (adult use only)

  • Cuerda gruesa (cuerda o cordel)

  • Thick string (cord or twine)

  • Seashells

  • A dry twig

  • Sand


  1. Use the brush to apply glue to the outside bottom edge of the jar and sprinkle sand on the glue. Wrap a piece of string around the neck of the jar and tape both ends of the string to the jar.

  2. Take a piece of wire and bend it into an anchor shape. To do this, bend the wire in the middle, twist it into a braid and bend the two ends into semicircles. Then paint the anchor white.

  3. Draw the thread through the eyelet of the anchor, hang it around the neck of the jar and tie off the ends.

  4. Dye the water blue and pour it into the jar along with rocks, shells, and twigs. It's best not to fill the jar completely.

  5. Cut off one end of the cocktail stick and place it into the walnut shell for a mast. Cut a triangle from a piece of paper and glue it to the cocktail stick as a sail.

  6. Place the walnut shell boat in the jar on the water. Your Nutella® jar seascape is ready!

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Tarro de vidreo reciclado de Nutella
Did you know?

The glass jar you're about to upcycle is already made on average with 30%* recycled material.

*yearly average calculated according to Ferrero's supplier declarations.

Materiales reciclados de Nutella
Did you know?

The Nutella® jar is made of diverse recyclable materials.

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