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The Palm Oil in Nutella®

The palm oil in Nutella® is carefully treated during processing, making it perfectly safe to ingest. The palm oil we use in Nutella® is 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and can be traced back to the mills, guaranteeing that it does not come from plantations subject to deforestation. Sustainable palm oil aims to protect forests, workers and communities.

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The Palm Oil Fruits

Palm oil is extracted from the pulp of palm tree fruit Elaeis guineensis, found in various equatorial zones. This tree produces red, tropical fruits that grow in large spherical bunches, up to the size of olives, weighing between 22 and 88 lbs. The palm oil is extracted exclusively by pressing the fruit pulp, which is rich in oil (and makes up around 45-65% of the pulp).

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People have been using palm oil for thousands of years, primarily for domestic cooking. Palm oil is an efficient crop as it offers a far greater yield per hectare than other equivalent vegetable oils.

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A High-Quality Vegetable Oil

The palm oil we use in Nutella® comes only from freshly pressed fruits and is processed at controlled temperatures to maintain quality carried out by experts in our factories.

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Handled with care and expertise

We have significant expertise in processing palm oil and we do it with great care thanks to cutting-edge technologies focusing on quality and safety.
After the palm fruit harvest, we ensure that the pressing process conducted by our suppliers is carried out in the shortest time possible.
The processing and purification phases are conducted under controlled temperatures, even if this requires more time, to better preserve the natural characteristics of the raw material.

When the oil arrives at our factories, in most cases we process it ourselves after applying our stringent quality controls to ensure it has a neutral taste and smell, before prompty using it in the preparation of the Nutella® recipe.

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100% RSPO Certified and Segregated and traceable back to plantations

Ferrero is fully committed to securing a deforestation-free and exploitation-free palm oil supply chain through active cooperation with NGOs, key stakeholders and suppliers and continues to commit to sourcing sustainable palm oil that is 100% RSPO Certified and Segregated and traceable back to plantations. Discover more about our commitments here.

Interesting facts about the palm oil in Nutella®

Odorless and neutral in taste, the palm oil we use ensures the smooth texture of our recipe and heightens the flavor and aroma of all the other ingredients in Nutella®.

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It gives our recipe its signature creamy texture

Palm oil is the ingredient that ensures the smooth, creamy texture and unique stability of the Nutella® recipe.

Ensuring the
smooth texture
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It doesn’t undergo the hydrogenation process

Because palm oil becomes semi-solid at room temperature, it allows us to avoid the fat hydrogenation process that would otherwise produce unhealthy trans fatty acids.

Treated with
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The Palm Oil Supply Chain

Ferrero is committed to the sustainability of the palm oil supply chain and to leading the way in driving the transformation of the palm oil sector. Since 2005, Ferrero has been a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and in 2013, Ferrero took the next step in its sustainability commitment by developing its own Palm Oil Charter. Ferrero is one of the first global companies to obtain a 100% RSPO-certified segregated palm oil supply chain. The palm oil we use in Nutella® is 100% sustainable. Ferrero is also a member of POIG (Palm Oil Innovation Group), an initiative comprising growers, manufacturers and NGOs working together to transform the palm oil industry. To discover more, visit here.

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Sustainability | Nutella

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