Spread a Nutella® smile

Celebrate the World Nutella® Day on february 5th
Celebrate the World Nutella® Day on february 5th

Discover many funny ways to make and decorate pancakes with Dr. Dancakes.

Celebrate the World Nutella® Day on february 5th
Celebrate the World Nutella® Day on february 5th

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Baking Tips

Looking forward to bake some yummi crepes and pancakes?
See here some tips to make it even more tasty and funny!

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Add sparkling water

Do you like delicate crepes? Replace some of the milk with sparkling water to make them lighter and fluffier.

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Rub dough through strainer

To remove lumps from the batter, rub it through a fine sieve or use a blender.

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Give dough time to rest

Take your time. After making the batter, let it rest for a while, then the crepes will taste better.

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Flip when bubbles

The best time to flip a crepe on the other side is when you start to see little bubbles on it.

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Draw with bottle

If you are creative and want your crepes to be unique, you can put the batter in a bottle and then draw different shapes using the crepe batter directly on the pan while frying.

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Spread a Nutella® smile

If you smile at the world, the world will smile back at you.
This is the season for some pancakes, so heat your pans, deck your tables and discover many inspiration for your pancake mornings in our recipe gallery. And don’t forget to keep spreading a Nutella® smile, in style ?.

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