Valentine's Gianduja Chocolate Muffins with NUTELLA®

10 port
9 ingr
40 min
Valentine's Gianduja Chocolate Muffins with NUTELLA®
INGREDIENTS<br>  for 10 portions

for 10 portions

80 g Gianduja chocolate
75 g Butter
40 g Egg yolks
33 g Almond flour
33 g Icing sugar
70 g Egg white
60 g Granulated sugar
40 g Cake flour
150 g Nutella®


Gently froth the egg whites and then whip them until stiff, adding the granulated sugar one tablespoon at a time. Carefully mix both the mixtures together with a spatula, working from the top towards the bottom. Sift the flour and incorporate it into the mixture.



Grease and flour 10 moulds, half-fill them with dough, put them into the oven at 170°C for approximately 12 minutes. Do not overcook the muffin because, even if it is soft when it comes out of the oven, it will become more compact as it cools. Fill each portion with 15 g of Nutella® and sprinkle with icing sugar.

Sunshine, excitement, love.

It isn't true that the festival of lovers is something only couples can share. 14 February is a day to spend with whoever makes each day special, perhaps with a Valentine's Gianduja Chocolate Muffins with Nutella®.