Sweet Flavors of Thessaloniki

In Thessaloniki everything can wait except, of course, morning coffee… the traditional strong Greek coffee, plus, the famous frothy frappé! Nutella® is slathered on dumplings or paired with "tsoureki" the Greek version of croissants and enjoyed with wheat rusks, cream pies and cinnamon cookies. Last but not least are the famous "koulouri", the ring-shaped sesame breads which can be purchased everywhere, even on the street corners while waiting for the traffic light to turn green!

Vibrant freshly-squeezed juices, such as pomegranate, grape and orange are always on request and the highlight of breakfast is usually a homemade pie, made of a selection of vegetables and herbs, plus, local cheeses like the world-famous feta cheese. In Thessaloniki life is full of surprises so the extra energy is needed!