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The Cocoa
in Nutella®

To create the cocoa blend used in Nutella®, we buy only raw cocoa beans, carefully sourcing them directly from their country of origin.

Cocoa Beans Expertise | Nutella

Growing our expertise

We’ve spent decades learning and improving upon our cocoa bean production process to bring you the unmistakable taste and iconic flavor of Nutella®.

Cocoa Aroma Beansground | Nutella

The unique aroma
of Nutella® cocoa

We have created the best blend possible to bring to life the rich, creamy, hazelnut-cocoa fragrance of Nutella. Our high-quality ingredients make up an essential part of Nutella®’s mouth-watering aroma.

Cocoa Beans Powder | Nutella

100% certified
cocoa for Nutella

Our cocoa beans are carefully sourced from West Africa. Discover more about where we source our cocoa here. We only buy cocoa pods from the main crop harvested between October and February, to ensure the highest possible quality of raw material. The cocoa pods are then opened to remove the fresh beans, which are left to ferment in large heaps under banana leaves. This important, week-long phase allows the aromatic precursors of cocoa to develop.
Through the implementation of the Ferrero Farming Values Cocoa Program, we are committed to adopting sustainable agricultural practices aimed at increasing cocoa productivity and income diversification.

From the beans
to cocoa powder

We transform the beans into cocoa powder through a multi-stage transformation process carried out in our factories.

Cocoa Drying Shelling Step 1 | Nutella


The Drying and Shelling

We start with the drying phase, followed by the shelling. The beans are put into a large mill that separates the edible part to be ground – the nibs – from the outer shell.

Separating the edible part
Dried Cocoa Beans | Nutella
Cocoa Roasting Step 2 | Nutella


The Roasting

The ground nibs are treated to reduce the cocoa’s natural aridity, and then roasted to enhance their flavor and color.

Bring out flavour
and colour
Roasted Cocoa Beans | Nutella
Cocoa Grinding Step 3 | Nutella


The Grinding

We grind the roasted nibs to obtain the cocoa mass. Next, the cocoa mass is pressed to separate the fattest part (the cocoa butter) from the dry part (the cocoa “cake”).

The dry part of the cocoa mass
Grinded Cocoa Granules | Nutella
The Cocoa Powdering | Nutella


The Powdering

Lastly, after breaking out the cocoa “cake”, we obtain the cocoa powder that we use to prepare Nutella®.

Discover Sustainability | Nutella
Sustainability | Nutella

Discover More About
Our Cocoa Supply Chain

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