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The Hazelnuts
in Nutella®

Hazelnuts have always been Nutella®’s signature ingredient. Due to the Second World War, cocoa was in short supply, so Nutella®’s creator had the brilliant idea to mix the delicious hazelnut, typical of the Italian region of Langhe, into his alternative chocolate spread.

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Our expertise in hazelnuts

For more than 50 years, we’ve built up a legacy of expertise within the hazelnut field, consistently ensuring the highest quality and freshness of hazelnuts throughout our entire supply chain. Discover where we source our hazelnuts here.

Growing our know-how 

In recent years, we have also invested in the processing and transformation of hazelnuts through the acquisition of leading companies at the forefront of the field. This has allowed us to acquire new expertise, further improving our selection and processing capacity of this delicious fruit. We are taking the crucial steps needed to guarantee a better roasting process and ultimately, an exceptional taste.

From the hazelnut
to Nutella®!

3 steps that make a difference

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The whole hazelnuts arrive at our factories raw, shelled and calibrated. In our plants, we perform further checks to verify that all the hazelnuts meet our stringent quality and safety standards. Every day, experts ensure our hazelnuts’ taste and aroma are always the best possible to guarantee that beloved Nutella® taste.

Same size better roasting
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We pride ourselves on our roasting know-how and expertise. In our factories, we roast and finely grind the hazelnuts to preserve their fragrance and freshness. Our “master roasters” define the roasting parameters based on the hazelnuts’ origin, moisture and size. The hazelnuts are then roasted in batches of the same caliber to ensure more uniform roasting.

Sloooow time
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Hazelnuts are then transformed into a silky paste – the heart of the Nutella® recipe – which is blended with other ingredients (cocoa, palm oil, sugar, milk, lecithin and vanillin) to capture the hazelnut aroma at its best.

Silky paste
true taste
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Our Hazelnut Supply Chain

Ferrero is committed to achieving full traceability in its hazelnut value chain. To fulfill this objective, Ferrero is working with its suppliers to improve traceability and achieve greater transparency from all stakeholders.

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Sustainability | Nutella

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