Gru-somly good banana pancackes

1 port
4 ingr
5 min


1/2 banana
2 oval-shaped pancakes
1 tbsp Nutella
2 blueberries

Step 1

Make nose for Gru by cutting 3-inch slice from pointed end of banana. Slice lengthwise in half to sit flat on pancake. Cut 2 half-moon eyes from banana slices for Gru.

Step 2

Spread 1 tsp Nutella over bottom half of one pancake, leaving border to create scarf for Gru. Place pancake on plate. Using skewer or small piping bag, draw stripes on Gru’s scarf.

Step 3

Top with remaining pancake, offsetting pancake slightly from bottom so striped scarf is visible.

Step 4

Using remaining Nutella, draw eyebrows and mouth for Gru. Place two blueberries on banana slices as pupils.