Breakfast in Taipei

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan - a large city much like New York where people are busy working every day. Even though people in Taipei lead hectic lives they always find time to go to nice restaurants or famous dining places to enjoy all kinds of food. Leisure time is spent with friends in restaurants and weekends are for enjoying relaxing brunches together.
Traditionally, brunch menus in Taiwanese restaurants include food like soy milk, fried egg rolls, meat buns etc., but things have changed in recent years. Taipei attracts many people from different countries for travel or work and the city offers various kinds of restaurants, including of course, lots of brunch hangouts. From Eastern style to Western style, cafés and restaurants serve food like quesadilla, eggs benedict, omelette or French toast and pancakes. Some restaurants serve interesting and creative food like Chinese buns with chocolate and fruits.
People living in Taipei not only have brunch in restaurants but also at home. It's quite usual for someone to invite friends to their place to prepare brunch together. It's always better to enjoy brunch with friends but what makes everything really more enjoyable is to have Nutella® on the table to make everything tastier.