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Ferrero Group

Ferrero continues its tradition of producing winning ideas.

The Ferrero Group's rich history of success extends for three generations. The past, present and future of a brilliant and tenacious Italian family from the Piedmont region stands proudly behind our brand name, financial success and expansion as a multinational company. That's not all. Our success and growth can be attributed to the extraordinary daily commitment from every member of our team.

Since our establishment in 1946, Ferrero has been driven by a passion for excellence and the dedication of our employees.  A spirit of loyalty and professionalism is the foundation upon which our staff conducts their dealings with consumers, communities, institutions and business partners.    

This dedication has always brought great results; in the 2013-2014 financial year the Ferrero Group registered a growing consolidated turnover of 8.4 billion Euros. The Ferrero Group employs more than 34,000 people across 53 countries, has 20 production plants around the world of which three are Ferrero Social Enterprises in Africa and Asia,  and nine agricultural companies.  Our products are present and sold in more than 160 countries, becoming part of the collective memory and lifestyles of many countries where they are truly loved, generation after generation, and often considered cultural icons. Our Chief Executive Officer, Giovanni Ferrero, has never lost sight of the company's fundamental values and our core principles. He will continue to set new goals for the future and lead the Group towards further success.



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