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Heritage Goreng Pisang

30 min
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  • 4 slices of bread without crust

  • 15gr Nutella®

  • 1 banana

  • Oil for cooking

  • 1 egg for egg wash

  • 100gr of all purpose flour

  • 1 egg beaten

  • 100gr of breadcrumbs

nutella – an ingredient to prepare this delicious recipe

To prepare this delicious recipe, 15g of Nutella® per person is enough to enjoy!


  1. Heritage Goreng Pisang 1

    Slice the banana into small cubes.

    Lay the bread flat on a cutting board, then put the banana cubes in the center of the bread.

  2. Heritage Goreng Pisang 2

    Brush egg wash along the edges of the bread.

    Fold the bread diagonally, making a triangular shape.

    Press the edges with your fingers, making sure it seals tight.

    For breading, prepare a container each for flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs.

    First coat the bread with flour, tap the bread to remove excess flour.

  3. Heritage Goreng Pisang 3

    Dip the bread into the eggs, making sure it cover all sides of the bread.

    Coat the bread with bread crumbs all over.

    Put oil in a pan, and heat it up with medium heat to 160 - 170 degrees celsius.

    Cook the bread until golden brown. (3 - 5 minutes).

    Note: Monitor the oil temperature carefully, cook bread with medium heat. If the oil its too hot, the bread will be browned before the banana is cooked.

    Take out the bread, and drain the oil well. Use a paper towel.

    Let the bread cool completely before stuffing it with Nutella®.

    Note: Wait for the bread to completely cool before inject Nutella®, otherwise nutella will split.

    Put Nutella® in a pastry bag.

    Using a chopstick, poke a hole on the bottom of the bread, and move it around to make room for Nutella®.

    Inject the bread with Nutella® until a little bit of it comes out from the hole.

    Put it on a plate and serve.

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