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Christmas decoration

Christmas Tree Magnets

How to surprise your family for Christmas breakfast? Make an easy surprise sharing your best memories! It takes only an empty Nutella® jar and… some love on your fridge! So, let’s get down to business!

Christmas Tree Magnets | Nutella


7 Nutella lids (750grs jars)

7 selection of your favorite photos cut in a circle 3.7 cm in diameter

A magnetic roller to cut

Blue / green decopatch paper (Christmas tree mood)

Red decopatch paper

7 green sequined pipe cleaners

1 glittery red pipe cure



Glue for decopatch

A Brush



Apply the decopatch on all the 7 lids with the decopatch glue

Cut out 7 pieces about 3 cm in the magnet roll

Using the compass, cut out the photos

Glue the pictures on the interior part of each cover

Install around the photos the pipe cures 

Display your photos in a Christmas tree-shaped on the fridge

Did you know?

The glass jar you're about to upcycle is already made on average with 30%* recycled material.

*yearly average calculated according to Ferrero's supplier declarations.

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