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Christmas decoration

Nutella® Mini Christmas tree jar

Want to spread the Christmas feeling all over the house?
Easy! It takes only an empty Nutella® jar and… Christmas wrapping paper and some pine tree branches.

Nutella® Mini Christmas tree jar | Nutella


  • 1 empty Nutella® jar (750g or 1kg)

  • Liquid glue

  • 1 paintbrush

  • Christmas wrapping paper

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • Brown ribbon

  • Mini Christmas baubles

  • Christmas tree branches


  • Take an empty jar of Nutella®

  • Spread glue all over each side of the jar using the paintbrush

  • Glue on the Christmas wrapping paper 

  • Use the glue and paintbrush to ensure everything is glued

  • Cut the excess of paper if necessary

  • Nutella® Mini Christmas tree jar step | Nutella

    Decorate your jar with a brown ribbon 

  • Thread a mini Christmas bauble onto the ribbon

  • Tie a ribbon bow

  • Place the Christmas tree branches inside the jar

Did you know?

The glass jar you're about to upcycle is already made on average with 30%* recycled material.

*yearly average calculated according to Ferrero's supplier declarations.

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