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Christmas decoration

Create a snow globe with a Nutella® jar

Want to experience the magic of the snow falling this Christmas? Easy! All it takes is an empty Nutella® jar and… some Christmas figurines to create a cosy, snowy moment.

Do it Yourself Events ideas. Nutella snowy Jar


  • 1 large, clean Nutella® jar (750 g)

  • 1 mini Christmas tree, approx. 12 cm high

  • Waterproof craft glue

  • 5g craft snow

  • 1 tsp glycerine

  • Decorative adhesive tape or ribbon

  • 750 ml water


  1. Do it Yourself Events ideas. Nutella® the snowy jar: step 1
    STEP 1

    Remove the card from the lid of the jar. Decorate the lid with the adhesive tape or ribbon. Tie a bow under the screw top.

  2. Do it Yourself Events ideas. Nutella® the Snowy Jar: step 2
    STEP 2

    Stick the tree in the middle of the lid using waterproof craft glue, and leave to dry.

  3. Do it Yourself Events ideas. Nutella® the Snowy Jar: step 3
    STEP 3

    Fill the jar with water up to about 2 cm below the rim. Finally, add 5 g of craft snow and 1 tsp of glycerine. The glycerine will stop the snow from sinking down too quickly and make it look like slowly falling snow. Screw the lid tightly onto the jar and turn upside down (lid side down).
    Your Nutella® snow globe is complete! Now all you have to do is to shake it. Make sure the lid is screwed on tightly.

    Note: do not drink the contents.

Did you know?

The glass jar you're about to upcycle is already made on average with 30%* recycled material.

*yearly average calculated according to Ferrero's supplier declarations.

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