Ciabatta bread is a relatively ""young"" addition to traditional Venetian cuisine: it was created in the early '80s and owes its amusing name (ciabatta = slipper) to the flat plank shape of the loaves. According to the original recipe it has a very soft honeycombed crumb and a lightly-browned crust that is thin and crispy, the result of a long rise and the ""biga"", a pre-fermented dough which makes the bread easily digestible. Even today, its creator holds courses dedicated to bakery enthusiasts to pass on the perfect recipe. The loaves have a really delicious and inviting aroma and are perfect for sandwiches with both sweet and savoury fillings. Because of its lightness and versatility this bread, with a relatively recent history, has already spread to at least 60 states and is enjoyed on all 5 continents.