The Michetta is a puffed white roll in the characteristic shape of a flower. Its central bulged dome is created by cutting the dough while it is still raw. In Rome this type of roll is known as Rosetta and in the Bergamo area it is called Stellina but it originated, based on a Viennese recipe, in Milan in the eighteenth century during the Austrian occupation: the Milanese bakers began to offer it in their shops because there was a high demand from the occupants who, by tasting it, felt a little closer to home.

Since then, the Michetta has entered the history of Lombardy culinary traditions and, in 2007, it earned the prestigious De.Co (Denominazione Comunale) recognition assigned to the most important local specialties. This type of roll is crisp and light because it has very little crumb inside and is perfect to enjoy with a creamy filling.