Perfectly baked for an Elevenses break!
Nutella B-ready is the practical way to enjoy Nutella anywhere.
It’s smooth
Unique taste of NUTELLA®
Inside you will find the smooth and delicious unique taste of your favourite spread, ready for you to enjoy. 
It’s creamy
It’s crunchy
Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside!
The crunchy texture and slightly savoury taste of the outer wafer shell enhances the unique taste of the NUTELLA® filling, combined with puffed wheat crispies, giving you a brand new sensory experience.
and it’s delicious!
It’s convenient
Practical and in a single portion
Whether you’re at home, on the go or in the office, each Nutella B-ready is individually wrapped so you can have it anywhere you want.
and you can enjoy it anywhere!
For everyone!
Different packs to suit your needs
Nutella B-ready comes in both single and multipacks of 6 and 15 all individually wrapped pieces and ideal for all the family.